Learn to Ease the Pain of Change
& Make Success a No-Brainer


Do you ever feel like you’re losing in a battle against yourself?

You set a goal, build a plan and start making progress, but then discover one day that you just can’t seem to do what’s best for you.

You know what you want, you know what to do and yet you just can’t do it. No matter how hard you try, self-sabotage seems to have become a way of life.

Most of us blame these failures on a lack of willpower or self-discipline. That’s a mistake.

The truth is that we all live along a path of least resistance. This doesn’t mean that we simply always do whatever is easy. Rather, we most often do whatever is easiest.

To clarify: easiest doesn’t always mean easy.

Easiest can certainly mean the least amount of effort required, but it can also represent the smallest or least number of negative consequences.

When you grow weary and sabotage your own success, it’s not because it’s hard. By nature, you have the strength to carry on as far as you need to go.

Your real problem is the existence of too many perceived negative consequences along your path.

These anticipated problems become invisible forces that work hard to keep you the same. As I’m sure you can attest, attempting to change your life by willpower alone is an act of war against a ceaseless enemy that never seems to tire.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be pushed around by these forces any longer. There’s a better way to change.

That’s where The Inevitable Win comes in. This easy-to-read 39-page ebook offers a practical strategy to derail self-sabotage and pave a new path of least resistance all the way to your success.

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