5 Surprising Ways Your TV is Sucker Punching You

Television is a national pastime. Research shows that, depending on your age, you likely spend anywhere from two to nearly seven hours a day in front of your television set. Plus, you can add online streaming to that number. This isn’t a TV-bashing article that tells you to stop wasting your time. Television can certainly get in the way of […]

The Christmas Truce: A Life Lesson from 1914

It was December 24th, 1914; the first Christmas Eve of World War One. After five months of war and countless lost lives, a one-day truce began between opposing British and German troops. It started that day around 8:30pm when the Germans troops hung lanterns, called out Christmas greetings to their enemy and began to sing […]

6 Ways Clutter is Hurting Your Happiness, Your Productivity & Your Health

I recently wrote about the negative impact of clutter on your business and professional life. The toll it takes is so significant that we should all be constantly aware of what doesn’t fit the vision and seek new ways to either eliminate or minimize what does not belong. Let’s continue with the clutter theme and how it relates to your physical and […]

Four Secret Ways Your Brain is Killing Your Progress

Your brain is a funny thing. Just when you think you have it trained and you’re well on your way to reaching a goal, that three-pound weight between your ears throws a nasty curveball. The worst part is that you don’t even see it coming. These silent killers can pop up suddenly and derail your efforts. […]