12 Good Reasons to Quit Already

We all have something to quit. It could be as obvious as smoking, overeating, lying or procrastinating, or more subtle like a job that just isn’t right. Unfortunately, change is hard. It’s all too easy to stay the same and without compelling reasons for getting motivated, your brain is happy to stay on autopilot, even if it kills you. If […]

Battling Imposter Syndrome: How to Stop Feeling Like a Total Fraud

Feeling like a fraud is a horrible way to live. Whether it’s a new job, relationship, income level or social circle, it’s brand new territory and you’re way out of your depth. Before all this happened, you may have felt great. You were at the top of your game, ready and eager for a bigger and […]

The Number One Reason Stress is Beating You

We’re all in a never-ending war against stress. Our lives today are so full of demands from work, school, family, friends and society at large that we feel crushed under the weight of responsibility and the fear of falling short. What if you fail the test, lose the game, under-deliver on that important project or never meet the man or […]