Hack Your Willpower:

15 Killer Tips for Superhuman Self-Control

Do you feel like a willpower wimp at times? Like you fail at goals because you can’t stop giving in to every craving that comes along?

You want the best for yourself and have every intention of giving up that bad habit. You commit to change and feel unstoppable on day one, two and three…

But then things start to go downhill.

Your resolve begins to fade. The cravings become harder and harder to resist. And worst of all, the effort required to keep yourself on track is exhausting–getting in the way of the rest of your daily life–making everything and everyone around you suffer.

It feels like your head is in a fog, you’re anxious and irritable, and your energy is totally drained.

You can’t help but wonder, “What’s the point of trying anymore?!”

Here’s the good new: You’re not alone.

These are all symptoms of normal human willpower.

Most people suffer like this, because willpower is naturally weak…

But a fortunate few don’t struggle like the rest of us. They know the inside secrets of hacking their inner-strength to the superhuman level.

Elite performers aren’t satisfied with average willpower, so they learn to build their discipline and self-control. They devote themselves to big dreams and, more importantly, accomplish them.

Thankfully for you and me, these elites aren’t better than the rest of us. They just happen to know a better way.

They win the battle against their own weak will, because they know how to build themselves up.

Do you want to know what they know? Are you ready to join your fellow high performers with superhero willpower and self-control?

They don’t settle for average, and neither should you.

That’s where HACK WILLPOWER comes in. It’s a scannable quick guide, jam-packed with pure, actionable tips that can boost your willpower right now.

There’s no fluff or hype to wade through; just the straight goods.

Download HACK WILLPOWER and learn:

  • How to treat your willpower like a human. It’s the only way to get the inner help you need. (Tip #1)
  • One critical mistake that drains your prefrontal cortex (i.e. willpower). And six practical ways to fix it. (Tip #3)
  • A super-simple way to build your willpower muscle. Plus, it’s fun! (Tip #7)
  • The most counter-intuitive (but effective) way to make new habits a total breeze. You’ll think there’s no way it could be this easy! (Tip #8)
  • Why rewarding yourself can ruin everything. Heed this critical warning and you’re safe to enjoy your rewards. (Tip #13)
  • Feeling happy boosts your willpower, right? Wrong! In fact, it hurts it. There’s one research-proven state that can help delay gratification, but it’s not what you think. (Tip #14)
  • And much more!

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