Why We Become Slaves to Bad Habits…and How You Can Break Free Forever

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✓ Stop self-sabotage

✓ Achieve any goal

✓ Level-up your life

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Can You Relate?

Let me ask you a question…


Do you achieve all your goals?

– or –

Does it feel like an endless struggle to make even the slightest bit of progress?


Many set New Years Resolutions (and mid-year goals) to lose weight, get fit, save money, learn a skill, get promoted or improve ourselves in some other way.

At first, we’re strong, full of excitement and desire…

We start a new diet, gym membership or savings plan…we quit all our bad habits and start making smarter, healthier choices…

For about two whole weeks…

Or until real life kicks in again.

We get stressed outoverwhelmed by old habits…uncomfortable with all the changes…and then BAM…

We sabotage ourselves and fall back to square one.

Our best intentions just aren’t good enough.

Do You Make These Common 

Goal-Killing Mistakes?

I spent years struggling with insecurities and bad habits.

And despite my best intentions, I felt stuck inside a never-ending cycle of self-defeat.

I’d make a promise to myself one day…break it by the next…and then feel like a fool for failing to exercise my own free will.

It seemed – quite frankly – like I was born without the willpower muscle…if there ever was such a thing.

In fact, here’s a picture of me from 2013.

Me in 2013…30 pounds overweight, right before my last failed attempt to change.

Let me take a deep breath as I tell you this…

I was (and am) a nutritionist, working in the health and wellness field. And I was 30 pounds overweight.

And as hard as this is to admit…

It wasn’t because of a health condition, side effects from a medication, or a particularly hard time in my life.

It was the result of a ridiculous (nay, absurd) list of unhealthy habits that I just couldn’t seem to break. (More on that in a minute.)

If you’re like me, you know exactly what it feels like as a prisoner inside a set of impulses, cravings and irrational choices.

You know the sting of guilt and shame as you consistently do what you promised yourself you wouldn’t do anymore.

It could be eating the unhealthy foods that grow your waistline…saying harsh words that hurt your loved ones…or running away from uncomfortable situations and opportunities.

You set goals and make promises to yourself, but…

You DO what you know you SHOULDN’T, and

You DON’T do what you know you SHOULD.


  • You want more friends, but insecurities prevent you from going out and meeting new people.
  • You want to be a better leader, but you’re terrified to make a mistake or do something that upsets others on your team.
  • You desperately want to become financially free, but you keep getting hit with a burning desire to spend all your money on new stuff.
  • You keep trying to lose weight, but every time you make a bit of progress, something goes wrong and you’re worse off than when you began.
  • Your relationship is struggling because you hurt the one you love, and you just can’t seem to stop making the same mistakes.
  • A new career, ministry or relationship opportunity is knocking at your door, but you’re afraid to take the big leap.

All of these problems can make you feel like a failurestuck in a hopeless situation.

They weaken your confidence and feed the nasty little voice of defeat that sits on your shoulder.

If this is you, you’re not alone.

And—as you’ll discover—there IS a way out.

Here’s the Good News

Dr. House was wrong. If you ever watched the show, you would know that one of his fundamental beliefs was: “People don’t change.”


Let me assure you, people CAN change. They do it every single day.

And now it’s your turn…

You don’t have to stay stuck because of some cosmic joke, unlucky fate or punishment from God.

You can be free from all the junk that suffocates you and limits your potential.

But it’s NOT about finding the next great system, scientific breakthrough or magical device…

Those things can help, but if you’ve been struggling to advance your life…and self-sabotage just won’t leave you alone…

You need a more powerful tool.

And once you have it, everything can change.

But first, let’s look at the problem.

Why Most Goals Fail

Whether you want to eat better, exercise more, make new friends, grow your business or learn something new…

You face the same common enemy as the rest of us:
Invisible forces that keep you the same.

You start with a lot of excitement and determination, but you soon start to feel a resistance to change...a soft, nagging discomfort.

It’s small at first, and easy to ignore. But it quickly builds to a point you can’t ignore…

And you’re forced to find ways to ease the tension.


  • Skip the gym, “just this one time”
    …(in reality, your brain is trying to keep its old habits and prevent new ones from forming.)
  • Have a treat because you “deserve it”
    …(a sneaky way to justify the craving you’ve been trying to ignore.)
  • Cancel your plans because you “have a lot going on” or “something came up”
    …(but really, it’s social anxiety.)

And then after a little more time, this moderate discomfort turns into total frustration, fear and overwhelm

And everything in you is FIGHTING to QUIT.

The invisible resistance has worn you down…one little piece at a time.

Why? Here are just a few reasons:

  1. Many self-help programs feel like they’re enslaving you to a set of rules you hate. It’s only a matter of time before everything in you goes running for the hills.
  2. Most of us don’t know the true driving forces of our own behaviours (even though we think we do). So when you try something new, your brain fights against you and tries to sabotage your efforts.
  3. With most resolutions, we rely on willpower to carry us through. But it was never designed to create big change…willpower can only to facilitate your strongest (often secret) desires.
  4. Change feels dangerous. Every habit—even a bad one—serves a purpose. It’s trying to seek out a desire, fulfill a need or protect you from pain. So when you resist your impulses, your brain feels threatened…and works hard to shut you down.
  5. 99% of life is automatic. You only control a small percentage of your life, because most things happen without your direct involvement. Unless you change the secret instructions, your brain will continue to push you in the wrong direction.

As a result of these factors—and more—our goals are rarely achieved.

You keep trying, and you keep failing…

Because your own brain is secretly working against you.

Are You Heading for Disaster?

Regardless of your hidden potential for so much more than this…

Despite the fact that self-sabotage is really not your fault…

What happens if you do nothing?
If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing?

Well, life is cause & effect…

So you’ll have more of the same results.

  • You keep eating this way and your waistline grows.
  • You continue to underperform at work and your career never advances.
  • You stay at arms-length from loved ones and your relationships stay in shallow-land forever.

Your confidence and courage never improve…

Your cravings for more out of life are never satisfied…

Your inborn greatness remains hidden…

Amazing opportunities are missed and lost forever…

And the world never gets to know the real you.

So it may not be your fault, but it IS your opportunity. There is so much amazing potential inside of you, and it’s time to get it out.

You DON’T have to struggle, day-after-day and year-after-year for the rest of your life.

You CAN break through your invisible boundaries and re-engineer the secret resistance to empower you…rather than hurt you.

My Battle to Change

Back to me for just a quick moment.

My name is Matthew Taylor and I was once an overweight nutritionist.

Somehow over the course of 5 years, I quit exercising regularly and my eating habits were nothing short of horrifying.

I knew the right way to live, but I wasn’t doing any of it…

I ate muffins for breakfast, fast food for lunch, crackers for dinner and ice cream as a regular night-time snack. It was, quite simply, a disaster.

I certainty wasn’t happy with my choices or my physical state. I made countless efforts to change.

I designed meal plans and purchased in-home weight sets and home workout DVDs. And every time—despite my initial excitement and confidence—I failed.

Within weeks, I would slip back into my old, familiar unhealthy ways and the cycle would continue.

Every. Single. Time.

What was the worst part? I KNEW BETTER!

I knew how to make the right choices, but I wasn’t making them…

I had no good reasons for my actions, but I couldn’t seem to stop…

The same old thoughts, feelings and habits kept creeping into my life; holding me back for years.

Every time I started to get a little bit ahead, something tripped me up and caused me to fall further behind.

The second-worst part? It felt so hard for me…but looked so easy for others!

From the center of my never-ending cycles of self-defeat, I would look up and see others (who knew far less about health and wellness) doing the right things with such ease.

What’s up with that?

How could they do it so easily when I was struggling so badly?

They said “no” the extra slice of pizza with ease. They went to the gym 3 or 4 times a week without hesitation or complaint. They didn’t struggle to do all the right things in accomplishing their goal.

And it drove me absolutely crazy.

That is…until I discovered the secret.

How I Finally Won

(…and you can too)

I won’t bore you with the details and years of study that brought me here. Instead, I’ll get straight to the point.

I was failing at change because I was focusing on the wrong things.

It’s as simple as that.

I was trying to implement new programs and tactics (diet and exercise plans), but I failed to address the hidden REASON for my problems

Self-defeat was killing my efforts because of a secret resistance to change.

In short: Invisible forces kept me the same.

When I discovered this truth…when I learned exactly what was driving my life—my thoughts, feelings and actions—and more importantly, HOW TO SHIFT THEM…

I was finally free to change.

And as a result, I lost 27 pounds in less than 3 months.

27 pounds lighter, in less than 3 months.

TRUST ME, it wasn’t some miracle diet you haven’t seen before. (All I did was eliminate sugar and restrict high glycemic foods. That’s it!)

The reason it worked?

I actually stuck with it…

And I stuck with it by shifting the invisible forces, which naturally eliminated my self-sabotage.

The Truth Will Set You Free
(A.K.A. How to Kill the Enemy)

So what are these forces that hold you back?

They are stories and pathways…

They are belief systems and neural connections that fight to give you the life they THINK you want.

The problem is, they’re operating on bad information.

You see, every bad habit and form of self-sabotage is serving a lie.

For example:

  • “This junk food is the best way to feel better.”
  • “Real men hide their emotions.”
  • “If I stay quiet and out of the way, I won’t be rejected.”
  • “I’m an idiot, so there’s no point in trying.”


Each one of them is a nasty little “anti-change” enemy that needs to die a quick death.

They secretly create resistance that makes change feel uncomfortable, impossible and scary.

If you don’t hunt them down and kill each one, they’ll continue to push you around like a schoolyard bully.

It’s these lies that force you to do the wrong things…

The little cockroaches that make you feel stupid, ugly, fat, poor and weak…

But when you learn how to kill them, everything changes.

What’s the poison? TRUTH.

Consider these two wise statements:

  1. Jesus said, “…and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” (John 8:32).
  2. Paul said, “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…” (Romans 12:2).

These men knew the only way to get free from defeat and to transform into victory is through a mind that knows and believes the truth.

Truth is the only way to kill the enemy of your dreams.

It rewires your brainalters your realitychanges your impulses and transforms your life forever.

When the truth sinks in and becomes second-nature…

  • You are automatically and effortlessly compelled to make healthy choices.
  • You no longer feel the same old insecurities and frustrations.
  • Your relationships take on a new dimension and depth.
  • Your career can take off as you step into each new role with confidence.

All of these breakthroughs become possible when you destroy the lies that defeat you and take hold of the truth that empowers you.

Is this making sense? Good.

But here’s the “but”…

When Truth Just Isn’t Enough

Yes, the truth will transform your life.

BUT…truth alone is powerless.

Unless you believe it, they’re just empty words.

That’s obvious, right? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as it seems.

You have two levels of belief—conscious “agreement” vs. heart (or subconscious) “conviction”.

It’s easy to agree with a truthful statement like, “Great leaders make mistakes” or “Mothers can put themselves first sometimes.”

But if you’re still afraid to make a mistake or you feel guilty for taking some personal time, then neither one is a heart belief.

Until a truth is woven into the fabric of your being…
your own brain will block it from influencing your choices.

Say what?

Yes, your brain is designed to protect what you already believe…

This means you can “know” the truth and not experience its power.

Have you ever tried to say a lame positive affirmation you didn’t believe? Did saying it over and over make you believe it, or did it just make you uncomfortable, frustrated or angry?

Unless you know how to re-author your belief system…
the truth will never become a part of your automatic choices.

It will never drive your thoughts, desires, impulses and actions.

It will never set you free to become the person you know you really are.

Thankfully, there IS a way…

And when you apply the research-based principles I’m going to show you, the truth will become a part of your being…and it WILL set you FREE.

Just Imagine…

What would it be like if you were free to be the real you?

If you could…

  • Learn the true reason you’ve been stuck…and how to fix the secret problems?
  • Generate unstoppable confidence, motivation and commitment whenever you want?
  • Free your dreams from the fear, anxiety and bad habits that have held you back?

Imagine waking up each day with a renewed sense of hope and victory

You’re finally free from the bad habits and self-sabotage that have plagued you for years.

You’re healthyfitbetter connectedfurther in your career and more deeply in love.

Your days don’t seem so dreary.

You no longer beat yourself up for making mistakes.

You feel strong and confident in who you are.

And your dreams are finally taking shape.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Free to Change is designed to help you do two things:

  1. Escape from the invisible forces that keep you feeling stuck in a life you don’t like.
  2. Create an unstoppable tidal wave of confidence, motivation and certainty that knocks down your invisible walls, supports your goals and pushes you to victory.


By combining practical insights from the latest in psychology, sociology, neuroscience and Christian theology.

(Yes…God can play a role in all of this, too. And I’ll prove it to you.)

I will teach you research-proven ways to rewire your brain and rewrite your belief system.

You’ll get the tools you need to seek and destroy the lies that cause your self-sabotage…and finally create change wherever and whenever you want.

Nothing—and I mean NOTHING—will stand in your way again.

Here’s exactly what you’ll find inside.

Chapter 1 - Life is Story
  • A timeless life lesson from a strange event in World War I. Why enemies become friends and how you can create impossible life change. (pg. 9)
  • Why self-control is failing you. Learn to use something more powerful and you’ll never approach goals the same way again. (pg. 10)
  • The 5-steps a belief takes to run your life and control your actions. This is why we feel so powerless to change and wonder if “free will” even exists. (pg. 11)
  • How you get tricked into making mistakes that kill your goals. You can finally stop blaming yourself. (pg. 15)
  • What a 1979 study reveals about your limitations in life. You better question every excuse you’ve ever given. (pg. 16)
  • The secret way your brain creates beliefs and habits. Childhood sets the stage for many of them, but it happens at every age. (pg. 17)
  • How your automatic wiring is hurting you. Your brain creates shortcuts to help you, but they often sabotage you instead. Now you can start the process of changing your brain. (pg. 20)
  • Why fears, cravings and impulses are defeating you. You know they exist, and you can rationalize them away…but they’re so hard to resist! (pg. 20)
  • The little-known reason why history repeats itself. Whether it’s the same bad relationships, new jobs that never satisfy you or diets that always end with rebound weight gain…bad luck has nothing to do with it. Read this before you make the next big change. (pg. 21)
  • Why most goals fail. If you have a list of failed goals that started with a little success but ended in disappointment, then you likely have this big problem working against you. (pg. 23)
Chapter 2 - The First Story: Identity - Who I Am
  • Why “Who am I?” is such a difficult question. Once you understand this, you can start uncovering the real you. (pg. 27)
  • What never to use as a basis for your identity. It always ends in pain and suffering. (pg. 28)
  • WARNING: Your self-image has built a comfort zone that may be secretly sabotaging you. Learn how it works so you can end the negative cycle. (pg. 28)
  • You should always follow your gut—yes? NO! Here’s why your gut feeling isn’t always right. (pg. 29)
  • Why early success might cause your downfall. Here’s what causes you to go two steps back after one small win. (pg. 30)
  • The undeniable power of identity to control your life. How it works to generate your thoughts, feelings and actions…all in an effort to create what it sees. (pg 32)
  • Before you do something that feels impossible…read this first! What the biblical story of Gideon can teach you about overcoming your fear, killing the “I’m a failure” thought pattern and becoming a mighty warrior. Hint: It’s not about God doing it for you. (pg. 35)
  • Why your self-image is more important than your life mission. Many find their identities within their life mission, but you’ll have far more success if you do it this way instead. (pg 36)
  • The single most important question every child asks, but never answers well. This is how an unhealthy identity forms. (pg. 39)
  • Three critical factors that author your identity. They start in childhood, but continue to work all throughout your life. (pg. 39)
  • Remove the mystery of your self-image. These two identity statements will give you the language you need to quickly identify any problem areas. (pg. 43)
  • Are you sure your identity can take it? If it’s not ready, then sabotage is on the way. Answer these three important questions to ensure you’re safe to progress. (pg. 43)
Chapter 3 - The Second Story: Values - What Matters Most
  • Why many goals leave you feeling depleted, unfulfilled and at odds with yourself. If you don’t get this right, you’re sure to burn out. (pg. 48)
  • The critical distinction between “want” and “must”… and why what you want rarely matters. Make sure your goal does this one key thing and you’ll have more power to follow through. (pg. 48)
  • How to access an invisible value-based currency that pays the emotional price of achieving your goals. Without it, the pressure of temptation and the pull of old habits will become too great to pass up. (pg. 48)
  • Four secret goal killers most people don’t see coming…and what you can do to prevent their next attack. (pg. 50)
  • The truth about willpower. It’s guaranteed to fail you without this scientific insight to keep it going strong. (pg. 51)
  • How to stop your brain from seeking rewards (like eating a whole pizza) when you haven’t even done anything yet. The struggle is real. And unless you know why it feels so right to do what’s wrong, you remain powerless to stop it. (pg. 53)
  • If you lack drive, passion and determination, then here’s what you should do. I’ll let you in on a strange little connection between tension, injustice and achieving your dream. (pg. 54)
  • The four C.O.R.E. components of your value system and how each one drives you to act. It’s much bigger than you think, but I’ve laid it out simply so you can use it right away. (pg. 56)
  • Are you tired of violating your healthy values? You want the right things, and you want them badly. But you keep making poor choices anyway—here’s why. (pg. 58)
  • The two critical questions to ask about every decision you make. They’ll help you avoid self-deception and stay on track. (pg. 60)
  • Why a healthy value may have caused the bad habit you’re trying to break. It’s a part of human nature, but a problem you can fix. (pg. 60)
Chapter 4 - The Third Story: Worldview - How It All Works
  • Why many goals leave you feeling depleted, unfulfilled and at odds with yourself. If you don’t get this right, you’re sure to burn out. (pg. 48)
  • The critical distinction between “want” and “must”… and why what you want rarely matters. Make sure your goal does this one key thing and you’ll have more power to follow through. (pg. 48)
  • How to access an invisible value-based currency that pays the emotional price of achieving your goals. Without it, the pressure of temptation and the pull of old habits will become too great to pass up. (pg. 48)
  • Four secret goal killers most people don’t see coming…and what you can do to prevent their next attack. (pg. 50)
  • The truth about willpower. It’s guaranteed to fail you without this scientific insight to keep it going strong. (pg. 51)
  • How to stop your brain from seeking rewards (like eating a whole pizza) when you haven’t even done anything yet. The struggle is real. And unless you know why it feels so right to do what’s wrong, you remain powerless to stop it. (pg. 53)
  • If you lack drive, passion and determination, then here’s what you should do. I’ll let you in on a strange little connection between tension, injustice and achieving your dream. (pg. 54)
  • The four C.O.R.E. components of your value system and how each one drives you to act. It’s much bigger than you think, but I’ve laid it out simply so you can use it right away. (pg. 56)
  • Are you tired of violating your healthy values? You want the right things, and you want them badly. But you keep making poor choices anyway—here’s why. (pg. 58)
  • The two critical questions to ask about every decision you make. They’ll help you avoid self-deception and stay on track. (pg. 60)
  • Why a healthy value may have caused the bad habit you’re trying to break. It’s a part of human nature, but a problem you can fix. (pg. 60)
Chapter 5 - The Fourth Story: Pathways - How I Must Live
  • How you become a helpless passenger, trying to fight against impulses that control you. A secret cause of fear, anxiety, frustration, apathy, anger and a host of other negative feelings. (pg. 86)
  • Three functions of your brain’s neural pathways. This is where they come from and why they’re keeping you stuck in bad habits. When you understand this, you can create a powerful drive towards success. (pg. 86, 88 & 89)
  • The one critical question your brain asks every time it feels bad. Pain and discomfort will wire you for a lifetime. Whether it supports or defeats you depends on your answer. (pg. 87)
  • “If it feels good, do it.” Understand the role of pleasure, and how it can make you crave all the wrong things. (pg. 89)
  • Why simple actions feel so hard. You’re on your way home from work and want to make a stop, but feels like the worst inconvenience of your life. Here’s how your brain is tricking you. (pg. 90)
  • How 5 minutes with my dad wired me for a lifetime of taking initiative…and other ways that our stories become committed ways of life. (pg. 90)
  • The three types of pathways that drive your life—for better or worse. Plus 30 relatable examples to help you understand what’s happening in your own brain. (pg. 92)
Chapter 6 - Crafting a Powerful Vision
  • WARNING: A life without vision is like a body with an autoimmune disease. So why do so many people live without it? (pg. 99)
  • Your brain needs this one critical thing before it can accept a new belief. If you don’t have it, you’re wasting your time. (pg. 99)
  • A valuable lesson from the life and work of Walt Disney. It’s how he used vision to create one of the world’s most beloved organizations. (pg. 101)
  • What a driving instructor taught me about how to live well. This law of life is always at work…so ignore at your own peril. (pg. 102)
  • The single most important question you must ask in order to choose the right beliefs. Hint: only vision makes this possible. (pg. 103)
  • The real reason your problems feel so big at times…and what you should do about it. Jesus endured the pain of the cross because He understood this principle. (pg. 105)
  • Why goal setting isn’t enough. They may be important, but goals should never come first. (106)
  • You have an irrational fear of loss—we all do. Here’s how you can use it to your advantage. (pg. 107)
  • If you don’t know what God wants for your life…then this is what you need to understand. (pg. 109)
  • What never to waste your focus on. Doing so will limit your God-given potential. (pg. 110)
  • Six practical tips to craft a powerful vision. It doesn’t need to be complicated. (pg. 113)
  • The four most important qualities of vision to keep in mind. Most people don’t know this, and without them, your vision won’t work as well as it should. (pg. 117)
  • Want examples? I’ll give you two clear vision samples to help you get started. (pg. 117)
Chapter 7 - Your New Identity: Becoming Unstoppable
  • Why what you believed yesterday or even today doesn’t have to hold you back. Amazingly, you no longer have to sit and cope with pain. (pg. 119)
  • The big secret to making your true identity real. Hint: you already have it! (pg. 120)
  • Four critical factors to see and unlock your full potential. These will set you free from the lies, labels and feelings that defeat you, and allow you to experience your truly amazing self. (pg. 121)
  • Why you can’t trust your own thoughts about you…and what you can do to prevent them from holding power over your life and identity. (pg. 122)
  • Five of the most common sources of negative feelings…and why they can’t be trusted to define you. (pg. 123)
  • One core truth that can set you free from past mistakes. We often allow our failures to define us, but it only holds us back. Once you understand this principle, everything will change. (Hint: it’s not about forgiveness.) (pg. 125)
  • 11 scriptures that reveal the kind of relationship God wants to have with you…and how you can use them to strengthen your sense of self. (pg. 127)
  • The secret connection between vision and identity…and how your self-image can benefit from where you want to go in life. (pg. 130)
Chapter 8 - Your New Values: Creating Inner Drive
  • “I guess I didn’t care that much after all,” right? – WRONG! This is why your values change and kill your goals…plus what you can do to hang on to passion and motivation. (pg. 132)
  • The cause of every major downfall. Hint: it’s not an inherent character flaw. (pg. 133)
  • Your two most valuable resources to generate desire and motivation. Use them wisely and you’ll never run dry. (pg. 133)
  • Eliminate your self-sabotaging urges. Here are 5 examples of how to feed the starving values that are secretly tearing you down. (pg. 135)
  • How I used my values to lose almost 30 pounds. And it wasn’t all about valuing “health”. (pg. 137)
  • A simple 3-step process that activates your inner drive. When you understand the way you work, you can leverage your values to achieve anything and everything you want. (pg. 139)
Chapter 9 - Your New Worldview: Breaking Invisible Barriers
  • How a shift in perspective can shatter your limitations in life. It will help you question your beliefs and replace the ones that defeat you. (pg. 140)
  • The four essential elements of a limitless worldview. If you’re missing even one of these things, you’ll hit a wall that restricts your full potential. (pg. 141)
  • Are you making this mistake? How to change your secret definition of success, so your brain will stop blocking your efforts. (pg. 142)
  • Clear the way for your identity and values. Little errors in your worldview can block the benefits of your other healthy stories. Here’s how to create harmony between them all, so you can advance way faster. (pg. 143)
  • Why is an empowering worldview so important? I’ll give you three compelling reasons you can’t ignore. (pg. 145)
Chapter 10 - Your New Pathways: Paving the Right Neural Connections
  • Want to wipe out your unhelpful pathways and pave something great? It all begins with these 3 basic steps. (pg. 147)
  • How to convert your new identity, values and worldview stories into life-giving pathways. This is what completes the puzzle and aligns everything in you to accomplish your dreams. (pg. 149)
  • What you absolutely MUST do as you choose your new pathways. If you don’t follow this rule, you’ll get lost in a world if infinite pathways that may not help you. (pg. 149)
Chapter 11 - Step 1: Getting Unstuck & Hungry for Change
  • The truth about pain. Here’s why it’s not always a bad thing, and why you will fail without it. (pg. 153)
  • The weird way your brain perceives your future self…and how it will sabotage you if you let it. (pg. 154)
  • An ancient secret for transformation. What the story of Jericho can teach you about tearing down unhealthy belief systems. (pg. 155)
  • It’s not until you look at a belief, instead of through it, that you can make a meaningful change. Here’s what that means and how you can do it, so the lies stop making a fool of you. (pg. 156)
  • Why change feels too hard. HINT: it’s the same reason we can know an addiction is killing us, but feel too afraid to quit. (pg. 157)
  • How your vision may be secretly drained of its power. Protect yourself by taking this critical first step. (pg. 157)
  • Three practical ways to use pain to your advantage. Don’t worry—it’s masochism free. (pg. 157)
  • Are these two commons mistakes keeping you stuck? It’s called pain avoidance, and we all do it—it’s human nature. Here’s what you need to do, so you can outsmart your brain and make a real change. (pg. 158)
  • The sneaky way your vision can hurt you. Most people have no clue this is happening. A simple solution will keep you from getting burned. (pg. 159)
  • How to embrace life’s uncomfortable moments for long-term gain. Do certain conversations or challenges make you sweat? Rather than ignoring or running from them, ask this insightful question. It will help you spot the problem story that’s likely hurting you in other areas, too. (pg. 160)
  • The one thing you absolutely MUST do to put an end to unwanted pain. It will help you heal from past hurts, replace lies with empowering truth and escape from the prison of repeating the past. (pg. 161)
Chapter 12 - Step 2: The Key to Pushing Forward
  • A clear and practical definition of hope. It’s not simply about what you want, or the fuzzy feelings you get when you dream about the future. (pg. 163)
  • Why hope is such a critical component of change. It’s the end of this 3-step process that has the power to transform anyone. (pg. 164)
  • The profound risk of change without hope. Pain may get you moving, like losing weight after a heart attack, but you’ll end up back where you started…unless you understand this truth. (pg. 165)
  • Three key elements of generating the hope you desperately need. They’re science-based and developed by one of the world’s leading researchers. (pg. 166)
  • Four practical methods to increase your hope right now. This will help you take the elements above and put them to immediate use. (pg. 168)
Chapter 13 - Step 3: Using Outer Forces for Inner Triumph
  • Your beliefs and choices are entirely controlled from within—yes? NO! It’s nice to think you have that kind of power, but it doesn’t work that way. Outer forces play a huge part in how you live. (pg. 173)
  • Three ways a relationship with God can help in your change efforts. It’s NOT because He’s going to do it all for you. (pg. 174)
  • Three practical steps to initiate and support major change…by getting to know God. (pg. 177)
  • How other people are shaping your beliefs, attitudes and preferences—even when you have no clue. Plus, the times at which you are most likely to fall prey to their influence. (pg. 178)
  • The secret way your brain is altering your thoughts, feelings and actions…turning you into a reflection of your closest companions. (pg. 179)
  • The two main reasons your closest friends and family keep tearing you down while you’re trying to change. It doesn’t really matter that you want to improve your life. All they know is that they feel bad—here’s why. (pg. 180)
  • An obese friend can increase your chance of becoming obese by a whopping 57%. Find out why on page 182.
  • How to identify true friends who support you…from the co-conspirators who will sabotage your change efforts. (pg. 184)
  • Three actionable methods to utilize the power of people to change your stories…and your life. (pg. 183)
  • Why the smell of cleaning products can make you more generous…and other fun facts about your environment’s power over you. (pg. 186)
  • The weird reason you feel like a different person, depending on the day and circumstance…and what to do about it. Rest assured, you’re not a fraud who wears a million masks. (pg. 189)
  • How to prevent yourself from slipping back into your old ways. If you want to make change permanent, then you need to understand this important principle. (pg. 192)
  • The secret to second nature. What you can do to make your new stories and habits an automatic part of your daily life. (pg. 192)
  • Three practical ways to shape your space and situations for lasting breakthrough. This is what you need to reinforce the truth and keep your focus and energy on track. (pg. 192)
Chapter 14 - Step 4: Making New Stories Permanent
  • Two keys to reset your thinking and rewire your desires and impulses. You can keep living in the same old bad habits, or you can embrace your freedom as a co-author of your own beliefs. (pg. 196)
  • Discover the iREAP Heart Change Formula…and its power to create a lasting shift in your life. (pg. 197)
  • Positive affirmations are always awesome, right? WRONG! Here’s why they may be doing more harm than good…and how to fix the problem. (pg. 198)
  • How to trick yourself into believing the truth. Learn to use your brain’s own rules against it. (pg. 199)
  • A little-known way to sneak new stories into your existing belief system. Without a strategy like this, your brain can simply reject whatever you’re trying to do. (pg. 200)
  • Learn seven new tools to make your new beliefs permanent. You can keep these in your arsenal for the rest of your life. (pg. 204)
  • Are you making this critical mistake in your daily thought life? Fix it with three easy steps. (pg. 204)
  • Activate the power of self-efficacy. It will shift your sense of control from external (things happening to you) to internal (things happening with you), and your story from, “I can’t do this” to “I know I can”. (pg. 208)
  • King David’s ultimate secret to living a sin-free life. It also applies to creating a dramatic change in what you think and believe. (pg. 209)
  • A nearly 300 year-old personal development system…that no one ever talks about. It works, as you’ll discover, by rewiring your brain. (pg. 210)
  • How to think in a way that recreates your reality and makes the truth a living part of you. And it only takes a few minutes a day. (pg. 212)
  • Create healthy new beliefs from the comfort of your couch. It’s surprisingly easy. (pg. 213)
  • Learn the science of powerful declarations. By aligning your words with these two things, your old beliefs will fall away and the truth will set in for good. (pg. 215)
  • Five things you can to do shift your emotional state into one that empowers you. Let’s face it: how you feel matters. Take these steps to make your brain believe what you have to say. (pg. 218)
  • Destroy the old and ignite the new. How to create real-life experiences that tear down the old lies and build an overwhelming case for the truth. This is my favourite way to create change. (pg. 219)
  • What to do when you’re too afraid to act. It’s NOT positive self-talk or merely sucking it up and doing it anyway. (pg. 225)
  • How a pair of gloves strengthened my identity…and how you can use the little things to transform your life. (pg. 227)
  • The absolute best way to protect your new beliefs and make sure they last for good. How to set up a safety perimeter, so change doesn’t take so long. (pg. 228)

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