Hi there, I’m Matthew Taylor and this is my blog.

About Matthew Taylor

I’m a husband, son, brother, author, speaker and marketing guy.

I am fascinated by human behaviour and all the ways we prevent our own success on a daily basis. I have a love for big ideas, simple solutions and achieving what used to be impossible.

Much of what I write and speak on are related to the following core beliefs:

  1. Life is built on principles.
    The world can be confusing and unpredictable, but when you understand the natural laws that govern life, you can start to establish some predictability and stop being pushed around by circumstances. These principles are ours to be discovered and put to use for our own good.
  1. Greatness is received at birth and lived by choice.
    Significance isn’t earned or given by others; it’s something you’ve always possessed. Your own unique greatness is there to be uncovered and expressed without apology, but it requires your involvement. It’s possible to live a life that matters to you, contributes to the lives of those you love and makes a real impact in the world around you.
  1. Change doesn’t have to feel so hard.
    The more you learn to be a leader in your own life, the less you feel bullied by the invisible forces that try to control you. Sometimes it requires inner work, while other times you can use simple life hacks that produce quick, painless results.

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